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Inappropriate Sports Sponsorship

This blog is aimed at allowing you to become aware of the types of unhealthy brands that are involved, as sponsors, of major international sporting events. Unfortunately, everyday brands are literally being thrown in our faces as we passively accept their messages/actions without questioning and gaining a deeper insight into what their true underlying intentions are for consumers. As a result of consumers not adopting this questioning attitude, unhealthy brands such as McDonald’s and KFC, are successfully manipulating all consumers, both children and adults.

This blog will allow you to understand and become aware of the living contradiction between sport and a fast food brand and give you a chance to voice your opinion on the issue.

I encourage you to stand up for what you believe and value!


About Hayley Freakes
I am an Honours student, specializing in Brand Leadership at Vega, Brand Communications School.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Dave Jenkin says:

    It was really awesome! I got my whole family to eat healthily!

  2. Christine Spies says:

    The fast food industry is backed by a well thought marketing plan. If I can use KFC for example…who does not like a KFC advertisement, whether it is shown on TV, in a magazine or even heard on the radio? It’s funny and very effective. With fast food not being healthy, a false image is being sketched to the consumer. It seems that the funnier the advertisement, the more consumers are drawn to the industry.

    It is SCARY that a company like McDonalds are even allowed to sponsor a big sporting event like the Soccer World Cup. The fact that a fast food company is able to sponsor a major sporting event, will falsely let the consumer make a connotation between sport, by eating healthy, and fast food. It will let the uneducated believe that McDonalds is in fact healthy because it is one of the main sponsors of the Soccer World Cup.

    I think the fast food industry should not be allowed to sponsor major sporting events, so that they can not mislead the uneducated consumer.

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